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One World Co-OpOne World Co-op is a worker/consumer Coop, dedicated to creating a sustainable world through green technology. The alternative energy products we offer have been vetted and used by our staff, and provide simple solutions to a complex environmental state of affairs. Our goal is to provide our members high quality solutions in energy autonomy, for family and community. Members have access to articles and resources for sustainability, community and personal autonomy. The Co-op also contributes yearly to Environmental/Educational groups from co-op proceeds. In this manner One World members support the values we all share for a sustainable world. As a Co-op member buyer's club we strive to provide members with what they want, rather than what we have to sell. We encourage members to suggest products for every day use, and items which serve to reduce our energy footprint.

The Solar Times, with articles by Greg Mello
Fall 2016: "Sustainability Requires Resistance"
Summer 2016: "The Crisis at Hand, the Emergency Mode, and the Need for Full-Scale Mobilization"
Spring 2016: "Obama Unleashes 21st Century Nuclear Arms Race"

McCune Solar Works

McCune Solar Works, Albuquerque, New Mexico, markets solar PV and sustainable energy solutions globally through contractors, distributors and retailers as well as providing the design and implementation of turnkey solar solutions for residential, commercial, government and public utilities.

McCune Solar Works have generously offered to
donate $500 to the Los Alamos Study Group for every solar system purchased and installed, when you mention us. Call them at 505.242.2384 to learn more.


Sunpower by Positive Energy Solar

SunPower by Positive Energy Solar is local, employee owned, and the only solar company in New Mexico that is a certified B-Corp. With over 1,500 solar installations in New Mexico and 100% customer satisfaction, you can trust that your solar system will be safe, reliable, and provide you with decades of clean solar energy.

Positive Energy Solar has generously offered to donate $100 to the Los Alamos Study Group for every completed solar consultation when customers mention us. They will donate an additional $400 for every completed solar installation. For more information call: 505.344.0071.

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2901 Summit Place NE Albuquerque, NM 87106, Phone: 505-265-1200

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