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Ways you can contribute your time:

Host a presentation action-oriented discussion in your home.

The most difficult and expensive aspect of bringing people together is reaching them in the first place.  The most personal communications are the best.  We will come to your home and give a briefing to your guests and friends.  If you bring the guests we'll come! Call for more information.

Schedule a briefing and action-oriented discussion in your church, school, club, or organization.

These communities are natural expressions of our aspiration for peace and embody our traditions.  They are potentially more politically powerful and transformative than isolated individuals.

Display a yard sign, large yard poster, or even just bumper sticker.

These forms of outdoor communication are the least expensive ways to communicate a brief message to thousands of people.   Large yard or outward-facing wall signs are very valuable in the right place.

Students: apply for an internship.

For upper-division and graduate students with a strong interest in our work and interested in working with like-minded others, the Study Group may be able to help support your education, research, and publication.

Join or form a "committee of correspondence."

American revolutionary John Adams described such linked committees as "a great political engine."  What can be done by such small groups is essentially unlimited.  Margaret Meade: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. Indeed it's the only thing that ever has."  Talk to us.

Learn more – attend events, trainings, study sessions, do research, and read.

Learning is one of two major pathways to empowerment in this and any issue, the other being direct action.  You can do an endless amount of research and reading on our website.

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