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Bulletin #242 (01/04/18)
Thank you; upcoming meetings; why is NNSA such a messed-up federal agency?


Bulletin #241 (12/28/17)
The US Navy is sinking the "Interoperable" warhead

Bulletin #240 (12/28/17)
The New Year calls us to action; tax law update and our last 2017 funding request

Bulletin #239 (12/10/17)
Excellent Nobel award ceremony video; more

Bulletin #238 (12/05/17)
Normative plutonium policies as we see them – a quick sketch

Bulletin #237 (12/04/17)
NNSA doubts LANL pit production; Nobel peace prize get-togethers Sunday Dec. 10 (Santa Fe & Albuquerque)

Bulletin #236 (11/17/17)
Defense bill on Trump's desk contains Heinrich/Udall amendment seeking fresh mandate for plutonium pit factory at LANL

Bulletin #235 (10/01/17)
Fall fundraising request; news and quick updates

Bulletin #234 (08/12/17)
Quick update

Bulletin #233 (07/29/17)
Please take action: Congress, White House, nuclear industry renew effort to store, process, and dispose of various nuclear wastes in New Mexico and Nevada

Bulletin #232 (07/19/17)
Nuclear power for your home and business

Bulletin #231 (07/17/17)
Dr. Strangelove and the Los Alamos Nuclear Fiasco

Bulletin #230 (06/20/17)
Center for Public Integrity publishes important (but mis-titled) series on lax safety at Los Alamos

Bulletin #229 (02/20/17)
Overview of some NNSA issues


Bulletin #228 (12/27/16)
Trump Tweet Hysteria

Bulletin #227 (12/20/16)
Year of the Ban

Bulletin #226 (12/01/16)
Please help support our work

Special Post-Election Bulletin 225 (11/09/16)
President-Elect Trump; letter to colleagues in government

Bulletin #224 (11/04/16)
New directions in nuclear disarmament – Nov. 11 talk and discussion in Santa Fe

Bulletin #223 (10/23/16)
Historic UN vote to mandate negotiation of treaty banning nuclear weapons

Bulletin #222 (10/05/16)
UN debate on banning nuclear weapons begins; 127 or more countries in favor so far

Bulletin #221 (09/27/16)
Discussions with Dr. Frank von Hippel in Santa Fe and Albuquerque this week: "New Directions in Disarmament;" other important events

Bulletin #220 (06/15/16)
Emergency phone calls to Congress needed NOW to delay new, stealthy nuclear cruise missile: call your rep at 202-224-3121

Bulletin #219 (05/28/16)
“Doomsday forum” in Albuquerque June 20-21, all invited; MORE

Bulletin #218 (05/15/16)
UN Working Group builds momentum among large majority of world's countries toward treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons

Bulletin #217 (03/08/16)
Local events; Obama's nuclear weapons policy legacy

Bulletin #216 (02/11/16)
More on the budget; the mountain of misinformation

Bulletin #215 (02/04/16)
Internships, fellowships available


Bulletin #214 (12/31/15)
Funding appeal (last day); what is to be done; will Udall and Heinrich push new nukes? (more)

Bulletin #213 (12/21/15)
News you can use: the era of LANS at LANL is closing

Bulletin #212 (12/21/15)
The turning? It depends, and partly on us. Also: critical fundraising appeal

Bulletin #211 (12/08/15)
Support us financially if you can; “Coffee Club” opens; our plans; framing the issues

Bulletin #210 (11/17/15)
Fundraising soirée this Sunday afternoon in Santa Fe, with guest speakers

Bulletin #209 (10/28/15)
Help wanted; NNSA infrastructure plans presume a new Cold War

Bulletin #208 (10/10/15)
Local meetings; NM Dems break with White House to support military, nukes; U.S. oil production in decline

Bulletin #207 (09/20/15)
Serious challenges need serious responses – food for thought

Bulletin #206 (06/09/15)
Desultory NPT conference ends in division, a good thing; 108 countries pledge to help ban nuclear weapons

Bulletin #205 (05/18/15)
Congressional study shows multibillion-dollar underground factory “modules” for plutonium not needed at Los Alamos

Bulletin #204 (04/24/15)
Nuclear weapons modernization: assuring destruction forever

Bulletin #203 (04/24/15)
NPT Review Conference circus begins

Bulletin #202 (04/21/15)
Earth Day tomorrow: truth or consequences – about oil, which is politically central

Bulletin #201 (03/08/15)
Ban bomb, save planet; stewards of the apocalypse; more

Bulletin #200 (02/08/15)
Warhead budget bloat; U.S.-caused Ukraine catastrophe at the brink; hello peak oil

Bulletin #199 (01/24/15)
Back from Vienna and speaking tour; new approach to bulletins

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Bulletin #198 (12/17/14)
Vienna Conference vigorously advances efforts to ban nuclear weapons

Bulletin #197 (11/30/14)
Moment of truth for Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS)?

Bulletin #196 (11/16/14)
LANL incompetance, coverup; fundraising appeal

Bulletin #195 (10/08/14)
Emergency meetings in NM; despite world crises, Administration likely to seek massive increase in nuclear weapons spending

Bulletin #194 (08/31/14)
Plutonium is not your friend

Bulletin #193 (07/21/14)
“Remember your humanity, and forget the rest”

Bulletin #192 (07/04/14)
New Mexico meetings; season of the witch

Bulletin #191 (07/01/14)
New Mexico meetings; LANL plutonium issues

Bulletin #190 (05/28/14)
Swarm of issues plagues LANL plutonium operations (Part I)

Bulletin #189 (04/18/14)
Summer disarmament intensive in New Mexico

Bulletin #188 (04/01/14)
Study Group summer intensive action and training program announced: “Humanity at the Crossroads: Disarmament, Human Security, and Environmental Sustainability”

Bulletin #187 (03/12/14)
Obama seeks more warhead money than Reagan; nuke pension subsidies; MOX dying?; plutonium pit infrastructure

Bulletin #186 (03/03/14)
Please call your senators and ask them to intervene to halt dangerous U.S. rhetoric vis-à-vis Ukraine

Bulletin #185 (02/19/14)
Movement to ban nuclear weapons gains ground; events; more

Bulletin #184 (02/06/14)
Thank you; short update; and 25th anniversary!

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Bulletin #183 (12/28/13)
Please contribute if you haven’t yet this year

Bulletin #182 (12/23/13)
Critical fundraising reminder, and *important* news

Bulletin #181 (12/18/13)
The National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA’s) unfolding fiascos: a teachable moment?

Bulletin #180 (12/07/13)
Good news: Obama’s nuclear modernization plan is collapsing; Los Alamos underground plutonium factory briefed; fundraising drive continues

Bulletin #179 (12/04/13)
If you aren’t already a Study Group donor, it’s time to become one. The annual Study Group fundraising drive is here! 

Bulletin #178 (11/13/13)
In the steep time, seek real political discourse

Bulletin #177 (09/09/13)
What road to Damascus – war or peace? NM Democrats disappoint so far, except Udall; more actions and background

Bulletin #176 (09/08/13)
Syria: moment of truth, or door to perpetual war. PLEASE ACT NOW.

Bulletin #175 (07/10/13)
Congressman Lujan: 6 votes against renewable energy yesterday

Bulletin #174 (07/09/13)
Last two “In My Lifetime” screenings with discussion; Study Group issue and strategy meetings

Bulletin #173 (07/06/13)
Reminder: “Nuclear Abolition Week” events in NM, starting TONIGHT in Los Alamos

Bulletin #172 (06/10/13)
Fundraising drive; upcoming meetings and film screenings; more

Bulletin #171 (05/16/13)

Bulletin #170 (05/07/13)
REMINDER: Quash the "Obama nuclear surge": campaign roll-out in NM THIS WEEK; please come or otherwise help. Briefings and public discussions

Bulletin #169 (05/03/13)
Quash the Obama nuclear surge: campaign roll-out in NM next week; please come or otherwise help. Briefings and public discussions

Bulletin #168 (04/09/13)
Obama administration to request major increase in NNSA Nuclear weapons spending

Bulletin #167 (03/27/13)
Whither New Mexico, world capital of weapons of mass destruction?

Bulletin #166 (03/21/13)
Public Discussion in Santa Fe, March 28, 2013

Bulletin #165 (02/27/13)
Reflections on the Deterrence Summit

Bulletin #164 (02/15/13)
Thank you

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Bulletin #163 (12/28/12)

Bulletin #162 (12/26/12)
Thank you for your support this year; good news

Bulletin #161 (12/03/12)
Brief report from DC

Bulletin #160 (11/08/12)
Election over. Challenges same. Opportunities better? We want you.

Bulletin #159 (10/17/12)
Elect yourself

Bulletin #158 (10/01/12)
CMRR-NF is no longer feasible. Why, and what now?

Bulletin #157 (09/24/12)
Public talk & discussion this coming Wednesday in Santa Fe

Bulletin #156 (09/16/12)
Washington Post Misleads in Major Article Addressing Nuclear Weapons Complex

Bulletin #155 (08/21/12)
Apparent calm hides ongoing nuclear policy struggles; for we citizens, what next?

Bulletin #154 (07/25/12)
Reminder about tonight’s solar energy presentation

Bulletin #153 (07/17/12)
Reminder about tonight's meeting; concerns re the Senate version of Defense Authorization Act

Bulletin #152 (07/11/12)
Upcoming public meetings and issue discussions!

Bulletin #151 (06/13/12)
Invitation to solstice dinner fundraiser & discussion in Santa Fe; congressional update

Bulletin #150 (05/31/12)
Your help is wanted immediately: nuclear warhead spending amendments are being considered on the House floor tonight and tomorrow

Bulletin #149 (05/07/12)
Reception & open house this Friday May 11th, 3 – 5 pm, for Mika Armenta, departing Study Group intern

Bulletin #148 (04/25/12)
Part I: CMRR update

Bulletin #147 (04/11/12)
“Twilight of the nuclear gods:” talk tomorrow (4/12/12) in Albuquerque

Bulletin #146 (03/10/12)
Fundraising request (donors – thank you!); new developments and press coverage; next steps

Bulletin #145 (02/17/12)
Study Group meetings in Albuquerque (Tues), Santa Fe (Wed) and Taos (Thurs), Feb. 21, 22, 23

Bulletin #144 (02/14/12)
CMRR Nuclear Facility delayed “at least 5 years,” budget for next year zeroed

Bulletin #143 (02/12/12)
Tomorrow's budget request: the CMRR-NF is in trouble

Bulletin #142 (01/22/12)
Trade journal: “massive cut” to CMRR expected

Bulletin #141 (01/18/12)
POGO releases excellent CMRR report; DC trip report: tide against CMRR running stronger than ever

Bulletin #140 (01/08/12)
Administration Hints at Smaller Nuclear Force Amid Wider Defense Cutbacks

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Bulletin #139 (12/31/11)
NNSA, LANL “tight-lipped” re spending $170 M on CMRR-NF this year; thank you all; what you can do TODAY

Bulletin #138 (12/23/11)
Study Group named one of top ten small green groups in U.S.

Bulletin #137 (12/21/11)
Solstice greetings: on CMRR, real progress but a long way to go; our plans for 2012; please help financially if you can, and thank you for all your support

Bulletin #136 (12/16/11)
Appropriations bill slashes funding for new plutonium lab at Los Alamos, disallows construction in FY2012

Bulletin #135 (11/28/11)
Toward defeat of CMRR: progress and portents

Bulletin #134 (11/13/11)
Public talk and Q&A Wednesday, November 16, 7 pm, Santa Fe

Bulletin #133 (10/31/11)
Making some headway -- Request for help

Bulletin #132 (10/22/11)
Study Group files second lawsuit to halt proposed $6 billion bomb factory

Bulletin #131 (09/27/11)
Q&A on proposed new plutonium warhead complex, tomorrow (Wed. 9/28/11), 8:00 am MDT on KSFR and streaming

Bulletin #130 (09/18/11)
Report from Washington, in Santa Fe on Wednesday evening: NNSA sailing straight into fiscal hurricane while spreading more sail than ever; fate of Los Alamos production complex uncertain amidst overall folly

Bulletin #129 (09/11/11)
Rep. Heinrich asks Obama to increase warhead spending, bypass pending cuts

Bulletin #128 (09/08/11)
Senate funders would (re-)start construction of $6 billion plutonium fortress in Los Alamos but cut back next year's budget somewhat

Bulletin #127 (09/06/11)
PLEASE ACT NOW, as the Senate moves toward cutting Obama’s proposed increases in warhead spending

Bulletin #126 (08/29/11)
Thanks to many, we had a wonderful benefit evening last week; the next events are September 27 (Santa Fe) & 28 (Albuquerque)

Bulletin #125 (08/22/11)
What can I do to help?

Bulletin #124 (08/17/11)
Invitation to fundraising event; please reach out to your friends for political action and material support; another CMRR resource

Bulletin #123 (08/07/11)
Public talk and discussion Tuesday August 9, "The Meaning of Nagasaki," with Dr. Hugh Gusterson

Bulletin #122 (07/25/11)
Work session tomorrow evening in Santa Fe (Tuesday, July 26th) re the proposed plutonium warhead factory at Los Alamos

Bulletin #121 (07/17/11)
Study Group to host discussion Tuesday evening in Los Alamos regarding proposed plutonium facility

Bulletin #120 (07/01/11)
Study Group Resumes Litigation against Proposed $6 Billion LANL Plutonium Facility

Bulletin #119 (06/27/11)
Las Conchas Fire; Business as usual is over for our society; Public discussion tomorrow

Bulletin #118 (06/15/11)
House Appropriations Committee slashes $100 million from huge proposed plutonium facility at Los Alamos

Bulletin #117 (06/06/11)
No meeting tomorrow; new CMRR resources; House likely to propose warhead spending cut

Bulletin #116 (05/23/11)
Federal Judge Rules In Favor of Continuing Los Alamos Nuclear Project Without Applicable Environmental Impact Statement, Dismisses Environmental Lawsuit

Bulletin #115 (05/22/11)
XSEIS the SEIS -- why not try democracy? -- and some new resources

Bulletin #114 (05/15/11)
Santa Fe meetings continue Tuesday pm; Albuquerque meetings discontinued (please volunteer with us instead!); boycott the sham SEIS "hearings," take REAL action instead

Bulletin #113 (05/06/11)
Report on the recent hearing; the need for discernment

Bulletin #112 (05/01/11)
Hearing continues tomorrow at 9 a.m.

Bulletin #111 (04/17/11)
Seminars tomorrow (Albuquerque) and Tuesday (Santa Fe): “What you can do to stop the proposed LANL plutonium complex” – speaking of which: please come to the federal courthouse in Albuquerque Wednesday, April 27, 8:30 am.

Bulletin #110 (04/10/11)
Seminars this Monday and Tuesday evenings: Status of the proposed plutonium storage, processing, and manufacturing complex at Los Alamos, citizens' roles.

Bulletin #109 (04/03/11)
Weekly seminars resume (“Converging crises, shared responses”).

Bulletin #108 (03/25/11)
Helen Caldicott presentations, fundraising, more.

Bulletin #107 (03/21/11)
Seismic, value engineering questions grow over CMRR-NF at LANL.

Bulletin #106 (03/16/11)
Obama toadies up to NM labs in special NM TV interview; Dr. Helen Caldicott soon here; more.

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Bulletin #105 (12/17/10)
Partial update, new resources, and request for your financial support.

Bulletin #104 (11/29/10)
Reminder! Important! Santa Fe County takes up question of environmental impact analysis for plutonium complex TOMORROW (11/30), 11 am.

Bulletin #103 (11/23/10)
Now is the time to ask your local government and congressional delegation to think before embracing Obama’s nuclear weapons juggernaut.

Bulletin #102 (11/13/10)
LASG files motion to halt CMRR-NF; procurements suspended; White House promises $820 M/year more to nuke labs, plants.

Bulletin #101 (11/07/10)
Local governments, tribes, and Los Alamos residents are beginning to question the $6 billion nuclear factory proposed for Los Alamos.

Bulletin #100 (10/22/10)
Study Group attorneys file response to DOE effort to quash lawsuit; DOE Secretary to initiate new study of LANL nuke facility.

Bulletin #99 (10/18/10)
The illegitimate scoping hearings for the big new nuke weapons plant are upon us, tomorrow and Wednesday. Please go, or comment, or both – but the real action is elsewhere.

Bulletin #98 (09/28/10)
Administration admits environmental analysis of LANL weapons facility is insufficient

Bulletin #97 (08/22/10)
CMRR litigation: One simple thing you can do to help

Bulletin #96 (07/16/10)
We can and must stop LANL's proposed plutonium lab, and here's how

Bulletin #95 (06/07/10)
Please RSVP and attend LANL’s public discussion of its proposed plutonium warhead core (“pit”) factory annex

Bulletin #94 (05/12/10)
Historical surge in weapons spending does not disarmament make and other news

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Bulletin #93 (02/10/09)
-- Hey, Where have you Study Group guys been?
-- Economic Stimulus through nuclear warheads?
-- More detailed comments (from 2-2-09) on three small parts of the Senate version of the proposed economic stimulus bill (S336, the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan”)

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Bulletin #92 (11/17/08)
-- We are requesting some financial support for our work
-- Other ways to express your solidarity
-- Help halt efforts to build a new nuclear weapons factory in Albuquerque
-- Help stop the CMRR Nuclear Facility
-- It is time for a big push to cut nuclear weapons spending

Bulletin #91 (11/07/08)
Kansas City update; fall fundraising drive begins

Action Alert #90 (08/25/08)
NRDC and others seek to move nuclear weapons factories to NM: more details

Action Alert #89 (08/17/08)
NRDC, a New Mexico nonprofit, and others seek to move nuclear factory to NM

Action Alert #88 (06/24/08)
House Committee considers halting LANL pit production tomorrow --what will Udall do? Also: International status of nuclear weapons: UNM talk tomorrow

Action Alert #87 (06/17/08)
June public discussions continue

Action Alert #86 (06/09/08)
June public lectures, discussions; internships; more

Action Alert #85 (04/16/08)
LANL Nuclear Disposal Public Relations Event "Pre-Mortem" (?)

Action Alert #84b (03/10/08
Complex  Transformation “hearings:” schedule

Action Alert #84 (03/07/08
Upcoming NNSA Complex Transformation “hearings:” diversion, spectacle, or opportunity

Action Alert #83 (02/05/08
Bush nuclear weapons budget seeks end-run

Action Alert #82 (01/07/08
Congressional actions, late 2007; meetings this week; disarmament walk report, more

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Action Alert #81 (12/10/07)
Solstice disarmament walk; breakfast seminars this week; end-of-year fundraising drive

Action Alert #80 (11/26/07)
End-of-year fundraising drive; congressional update; upcoming events

Action Alert #79 (10/29/07)
Los Alamos in Crisis – the Decline and Fall of a Nuclear Weapons Laboratory?

Action Alert #78 (09/20/07)
Important opportunity tomorrow, at noon in Santa Fe to oppose expansion of pit production at LANL

Action Alert #77 (06/09/07)
Udall aids Bush nuclear agenda; what you can do about it

Action Alert #76 (06/03/07)
What we've been up to!

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Action Alert #75 (12/23/06)
Key nuclear warhead decisions pending, more

Action Alert #74 (11/09/06)
Two “stealth” NNSA projects aim to preempt U.S. nuclear warhead decisions

Action Alert #73 (10/05/06)
UNM Regents Mtg - Tuesday!

Action Alert #72 (09/30/06)
Bob Anderson's arrest & aftermath of RRW panel "discussion

Action Alert #71 (09/29/06)
Discussion TODAY of whether to start giant new weapons program -- be there

Action Alert #70 (09/24/06)
Two big opportunities to speak against nuclear genocide, past and planned

Action Alert #69 (09/05/06)
Urgent: Call Jeff Bingaman TODAY to stop low-yield nuclear simulation explosion, pit production

Action Alert #68 (08/22/06)
There's a good opportunity to demonstrate tomorrow (Wednesday) against the resumption of U.S. nuclear weapons and plutonium pit production

Action Alert #67 (08/12/06)
Potluck Sunday 4 pm; plutonium "pit" production hearings create new opportunities

Action Alert #66 (08/04/06)
Important nuclear updates and events

Action Alert #65 (06/26/06)
Short article on pit production available

Action Alert #64 (06/26/06)
Fake peace conference planned by Governor

Action Alert #63 (06/20/06)
News you can use, help wanted, & news bits

Action Alert #62 (06/09/06)
What you can do: lots o' news

Action Alert #61 (04/18/06)
Yard billboards; study of historic LANL pollution

Action Alert #60 (04/12/06)
Small billboard campaign underway - choose from current designs

Action Alert #59 (04/07/06)
The campaign for & against plutonium manufacturing & new weapons is heating up

Action Alert #58 (03/27/06)
Los Alamos at the crossroads – what can we do?

Action Alert #57 (03/05/06)
Press Conference 11am Monday, State Capitol: 100+ NM Organizations Call for Nuclear Disarmament

Action Alert #56 (02/24/06)
Helpful tips on spreading the Call for Nuclear Disarmament

Action Alert #55 (02/11/06)
Los Alamos County is concerned over LANL nuke waste

Action Alert #54 (02/04/06)
NM Senate Memorial, more

Action Alert #53 (01/27/06)
Invitation to listserve; dollars welcome; two things you can do for nuclear disarmament

Action Alert #52 (01/19/06)
Opportunity to meet Los Alamos manager, request nuke dump closure

Action Alert #51 (01/18/06)
Special meeting in Santa Fe Friday

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Action Alert #50 (12/24/05)
Los Alamos Disarmament Center opens, more

Action Alert #49 (11/04/05)
Five ways to eliminate nuclear weapons

Action Alert #48 (08/08/05)
Report on August 6 commemoration at Los Alamos and related activities

Action Alert #47 (08/01/05)
Final preparations for commemoration of 60th anniversary of atomic bombings by U.S. -- Volunteers needed

Action Alert #46 (07/29/05)
60th Anniversary of Hiroshima at Los Alamos

Action Alert #45 (07/13/05)
Events through August 6 -- Please Come!

Action Alert #44 (07/12/05)
Writers Address the Nuclear Age

Action Alert #43 (06/20/05)
Organizing opportunities and new staff positions

Action Alert #42 (05/19/05)
Los Alamos: The end of an era

Action Alert #41 (05/10/05)
Report-back from Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) conference

Action Alert #40 (04/27/05)
Nuclear waste dump expansion meeting planned; local nuclear opposition growing

Action Alert #39 (04/12/05)
Come to Santa Fe City Council Meeting Wed. 4/19, 7 pm

Action Alert #38 (04/04/05)
Santa Fe Disarmament Resolution, August 6 Update

Action Alert #37 (04/04/05)
Events this week

Action Alert #36 (03/07/05)
Study Group Calendar Update

Action Alert #35 (03/06/05)
Los Alamos Study Group Calendar - March 7 update

Action Alert #34 (01/20/05)
Events NEXT WEEK and in August; disarmament declaration

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Action Alert #33 (12/14/04)
Invitation to Hiroshima Day in New Mexico

Action Alert #32 (12/07/04)
Canvassing Day in Santa Fe

Action Alert #31 (12/23/04)
Announcement of August 6th Event in Los Alamos

Action Alert #30 (10/14/04)
Petition Gaining Momentum

Action Alert #29 (9/07/04)
Petition Launched, Los Alamos waste disposal, Citizen Inspection successful

Action Alert #28 (7/18/04)
Citizen Inspection Update

Action Alert #27 (7/01/04)
Citizen Inspection Events on Aug. 4th, 5th and 7th

Action Alert #26 (6/01/04)
Welcome to Subscribers, Upcoming events, Call for Volunteers

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Action Alert #25 (11/11/03)
Missiles of Empire and More

Action Alert #24 (10/29/03)
Upcoming Event- Talks with Andy

Action Alert #23 (6/19/03)
Press Conference and Public Gathering to appeal to Governor Richardson

Action Alert #22 (3/19/03)
Call to Close Area G Waste Dump- Letter to Gov. Richardson

Action Alert #21 (3/13/2003)
Peace Demonstration and the Can-Paign

Action Alert #20 (2/17/03)
Radio Ads against the War

Action Alert #19 (2/04/03)
Various Ways to Oppose the War in Iraq

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Action Alert #18 (7/20/02)
Environmental Regulation at Los Alamos Failing, What You Can Do

Action Alert #17 (7/17/02)
Want to Help LASG?

Action Alert #16 (5/09/02)
NM Congressional Delegation

Action Alert #15 (4/02/02)
Understanding President Bush's Nuclear Strategy

Action Alert #14 (3/21/02)
NM Oversight of Los Alamos Labs

Action Alert #13 (3/19/02)
Opportunities to stop LANL nuke dumping

Action Alert #12 (2/28/02)
Forum on the Future of Local Nuke Dump

Action Alert #10 (1/24/02)
Update: chance to influence discussion and debate about Environmental Impact of Labs

Action Alert #9 (1/18/02)
Come to the Press Conference at the State Capitol

Action Alert #8 (1/17/02)
Event at State Capitol- Press Release

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Action Alert #7 (11/30/01)
Citizen Inspection Scheduled

Action Alert #6 (11/15/01)
Can-Paign, Citizen Inspection, Response to 9/11

Action Alert #5 (9/27/01)
Town Meeting with Tom Udall

Action Alert #4 (9/25/01)
Domenici, Bingaman request $399M more for nukes

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