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Local letters with organizing notes.
Duplicates omitted. Subject matter is listed underneath each heading.

2017:(annual compendium)

LASG ABQ friends ltr (11/07/17)
Talk and discussion this Friday night; future discussions

LASG ABQ friends ltr (11/05/17)
"Remaining Awake through a Great Revolution!"

LASG friends ltr (10/21/17)
Please help us foster dialog in our communities

LASG friends ltr (10/10/17)
ICAN Nobel Peace Prize press conference; outreach and fundraising needed!

LASG ABQ friends ltr (10/06/17)
Protest at the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History today, 4:30 pm

LASG friends ltr (09/27/17)
Heinrich, Udall promote LANL plutonium pit manufacturing; please help

  • Please consider helping us financially and/or with your networking on our behalf!
  • "Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons" opens for signature, with 53 states signing in the first three days!
  • Heinrich, Udall work closely with congressional neocons to promote and protect LANL plutonium warhead core ("pit") manufacturing in new law
  • Talk in Jemez Springs, Saturday October 7, 2 pm
  • LANL in yet another major plutonium criticality safety incident
  • Study Group in the news

LASG friends ltr (09/15/17)
You are invited: Wednesday, 9/20, 6 am: breakfast with LASG, witness historic signing of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

LASG friends ltr (09/12/17)
In a surprise meeting of minds, leaders and citizens of both parties agree: a sustainable future is "off the table"

  • Talk at Jemez Springs Community Library (map), Saturday October 7 2:00 pm, "'Remaining Awake through a Great Revolution:' Roles of Citizen Groups; Key issues"
  • "To the Ends of the Earth:" more showings?
  • Massive nuclearization of New Mexico proposed; in a surprise meeting of minds, leaders and citizens of both parties agree: a sustainable future is "off the table"
  • Nine days: treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons opens for signature Sept. 20. It cuts deeper than jaded eyes want to admit. 
  • Bipartisan climate conference in Santa Fe, October 28-29
  • Climate and solar outreach volunteers wanted!
  • Ask your friends if they want to receive these updates. If so they should write us.
  • We must now raise money

LASG friends ltr (08/29/17)
Upcoming film and discussion Sept. 3: "To the Ends of the Earth," on the desperate quest for MORE oil, and its context

  • On Sunday, September 3, 1:00 pm, at the Guild Cinema, Albuquerque, we are showing "To the Ends of the Earth," with discussion
  • We are trying to catalyze discussions and actions at a more serious level than we usually see
  • Ask your friends if they want to receive these updates. If so they should write us.
  • We are looking for volunteers to help with climate and solar outreach
  • We must now raise money

LASG friends ltr (08/23/17)
Upcoming film and discussion Sept. 3; volunteers wanted; fundraising

  • Ask your friends if they want to receive these updates. If so they should write us.
  • We are looking for volunteers to help with climate and solar outreach
  • On September 3, 1:00 pm, at the Guild Cinema, Albuquerque, we are showing "To the Ends of the Earth," with discussion
  • Thank you, Taos United
  • We must now raise money

LASG friends ltr (08/07/17)
Taos talk: “Remaining Awake through a Great Revolution:” The Crucial Role of Citizen Groups; Key issues for New Mexico

LASG friends ltr (07/25/17)
Climate+solar flyers update

LASG friends ltr (07/20/17)
Please help us distribute climate+solar flyers!

LASG ABQ friends ltr (06/12/17)
"Years of Living Dangerously," at LASG's headquarters this Thurs, June 15, 5:30-7:30pm!

LASG friends ltr (06/07/17)
DNFSB hearing in Santa Fe tonight re plutonium in Los Alamos; LASG public discussion at UNM tomorrow night: renewable energy: necessary NOW, but hardly sufficient

LASG ABQ friends ltr (05/25/17)
Reminder: talk and discussion THIS EVENING; solar party June 3; more

LASG friends ltr (05/11/17)
Our summer schedule so far -- please join us!

LASG friends ltr (05/05/17)
Will your organization or church host a discussion on our climate emergency?

LASG friends ltr (04/15/17)
There is tremendous interest in our summer program; we need your help!

LASG friends ltr (03/26/17)
2017 summer internship program: solar, climate practicum (and some other news)

LASG friends ltr (02/17/17)
Important legislative alerts!

LASG Santa Fe friends ltr (02/14/17)
Fwd: TODAY! Circle of Love for New Mexico Children - REMIND your friends - Tweet it out

LASG friends ltr (01/31/17)
Invitation to meetings; solar power production coop; priorities, given Trump

LASG friends ltr (01/07/17 - updated January 29, 2017)
What you can do

LASG friends ltr (01/06/17) demonstration Monday (continued tomorrow: what you can do)

2016:(annual compendium)

LASG friends ltr (12/14/16)
Plutonium "pit" production: why it can be stopped (again), and a funding request

LASG friends ltr (11/15/16)
MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD: New Mexico is not for sale!

LASG friends ltr (11/14/16)
BernCo to consider tax district for Santolina; Commission mtg Tuesday (important!!)

LASG friends ltr (11/07/16)
Reminder: New Directions in Disarmament, this Friday Nov 11, 6:30 pm Santa Fe

LASG main ltr (10/27/16)
BREAKING NEWS: UN votes to outlaw nuclear weapons in 2017 (correction, update)

LASG friends ltr (10/27/16)
Ban negotiation vote today, come on over at 2 pm if you want

LASG friends ltr (10/26/16)
Countdown to historic UN vote, watch live tomorrow or Friday; Nov 11 talk, Santa Fe

LASG friends ltr (10/17/16)
Reminder: Important Study Group meeting Wed 10/19, 7 pm, Santa Fe; "extraordinary" developments occurring at UN

LASG friends ltr (10/09/16)
Reminder: important meeting in Santa Fe 10/19 pm; more

LASG friends ltr (10/03/16)
REMINDER: John LaForge, "Nuclear Heartland" TONIGHT, 6:30-8:30pm, at LASG headquarters, 3 Oct 2016

LASG friends ltr (09/26/16)
Los Alamos Study Group Solar Party this coming Sat, Oct 1, 3-5pm!!

LASG friends ltr (09/21/16)
Important additional local events and actions; more

LASG friends ltr (09/09/16)
Upcoming local events & actions; report on Cong. Lujan

LASG friends ltr (09/01/16)
Meeting with Rep. Lujan staff tomorrow in Abq; video and discussion Friday 6:30 pm in Abq; more

LASG friends ltr (08/29/16)
Call for silent protest Wednesday am at legislative committee; video and discussion Friday night 6:30 pm

LASG friends ltr (08/18/16)
Reminder: video and discussion tonight! 7 pm, 901 Solano Dr. NE

LASG friends ltr (08/11/16)
Important upcoming events; Governor Martinez seeks to bring *all* US spent nuclear fuel to NM

  • Upcoming events in Albuquerque
  • Upcoming events in Santa Fe
  • GAO report on Los Alamos plutonium production construction plans, updated LASG press release, articles
  • Daily or semi-weekly crisis updates -- ask me if you want to get them
  • Governor seeks storage of *all* current US commercial nuclear reactor waste

LASG friends ltr (08/01/16)
If you want to help put pressure on NM Dems to stop the new nuclear arms race, now's the time

LASG friends ltr (07/13/16)
If you want to help put pressure on NM Dems to stop the new nuclear arms race, please contact us

LASG friends ltr (07/07/16) Crawl out through the fallout, baby

LASG friends ltr (06/24/16)
Report from the Doomsday Forum and surrounding events; talk Monday evening

  • Thank you; report from the Doomsday Forum and surrounding events
  • Manhattan Project National Historical Park (MPNHP): protest -- and survive
  • "The Need for Full-Scale Mobilization for Climate (and everything)" -- talk by Greg in Albuquerque Monday evening
  • Internships, fellowships, careers

LASG friends ltr (06/19/16)
Protests Mon & Tues in Albuquerque, teach-in Tues at UNM -- update, change of venue: PLEASE COME PROTEST THE DOOMSDAY FORUM!

LASG friends ltr (06/14/16)
Join us Friday in celebrating: most of the world's countries want New Mexico to kick the nuclear habit

LASG friends ltr (06/08/16)
Teach-ins (3), receptions (2); community leaders largely silent and absent as NM economy, society collapse under militarism, climate change

LASG friends ltr (06/05/16)
Reminder of critical upcoming events

LASG friends ltr (05/25/16)
Informal note to local friends: amendment to bar expansion of pit production at LANL to be voted on tonight

LASG friends ltr (05/24/16)
UNM running SNL one of the worst mistakes UNM and NM could make

LASG friends ltr (05/20/16)
Important upcoming events -- please join us!

LASG friends ltr (05/12/16)
First partial report from Geneva: proposals for starting negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons have been submitted by a large majority of countries

  • Important developments from last week, lightly updated with more to follow
  • Sources of information (compiled for reporters who might want to do in-depth stories, originally -- see ICAN and RCW sources, updated daily, for the best updates and interpretations)
  • Background

LASG friends ltr (04/19/16)
Quick important note and four more items

LASG friends ltr (04/13/16)
What you can do; resources; news

  • What you can do
  • The presidential election, and what needs to be done
  • Critique of the Nuclear Security Summit
  • Plutonium disposition: let the wild rumpus continue
  • Working paper for UN on multilateral negotiations; comments
  • Ted Postol on the increasing risk of accidental nuclear war due to U.S. modernization
  • Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) hearing testimony and followup

LASG friends ltr (03/24/16)
Regarding the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) hearing: testimony and closure

  • Testimony and comments regarding the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) hearing held March 22 in Santa Fe
  • About the hearing, more broadly

LASG friends ltr (03/21/16)
Reminder: Important LANL hearing TOMORROW EVENING in Santa Fe, 5 pm

LASG friends ltr (03/15/16)
Pre-register by March 18 to reserve a speaking slot at the March 22 hearing re LANL; other updates

LASG friends ltr (03/14/16)
Why the March 22 hearing on LANL safety is critically important

LASG friends ltr (03/11/16)
Senior DOE nuclear officials coming to Santa Fe for public hearing; more

LASG friends ltr (03/08/16)
Update on Santa Fe meeting, March 16

LASG friends ltr (03/02/16)
Upcoming meetings and get-togethers!

LASG friends ltr (02/02/16)
KAFB event is closed to the public after all; no Coffee Club
On Friday, KAFB will explain why we should stop worrying and love the bomb; LASG discussion Thursday morning

LASG friends ltr (02/02/16)
Park Service meeting Monday requesting "input" on the Manhattan Project National Historical Park

LASG friends ltr (01/19/16)
Updates for local members: biweekly meetings suspended; internship, fellowship, volunteer opportunities; news

2015:(annual compendium)

LASG Albuquerque friends ltr (12/30/15)
Reminder: breakfast discussion tomorrow at LASG World Headquarters, 7:30 am

LASG friends ltr (12/27/15)
Thank you for your support; coffee club reminder; more good news

LASG friends ltr (12/06/15)
LASG "Coffee Club" to open this Thursday and Friday

LASG friends ltr (12/01/15)
Update to local members and request for your supportne last reminder!

LASG friends ltr (11/19/15)
One last reminder! Our get-together on Santa Fe this Sunday, from 4 to 7 pm, is filling up nicely but there is still room for more!

LASG friends ltr (11/17/15)
Update: World-renowned experts to speak at Study Group event; please RSVP and talk to your friends!

LASG friends ltr (11/16/15)
Reminder: Fundraising soiree and discussions this coming Sunday in Santa Fe! RSVP now please, and talk to friends! "Meet" our new board members!

LASG friends ltr (11/07/15)
Now’s the time to RSVP for our November 22 fundraiser in Santa Fe!

  • Now’s the time to RSVP for our November 22 fundraiser in Santa Fe!
  • Will you join us in Los Alamos on Wednesday, November 11, at 10 am, at the ceremony inaugurating the new Manhattan Project National Historical Park (MPNHP)?
  • Update and additional perspective on the UN First Committee
  • Report on Study Group meetings and the demonstration at Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB)

LASG friends ltr (10/31/15)
Important demonstration Tuesday in ABQ

LASG friends ltr (10/30/15)
Save the date: fundraiser for the Study Group: Sunday Nov 22 in Santa Fe

LASG friends ltr (10/26/15)
Meetings this week: Santa Fe Wednesday 10/28, Albuquerque Thursday 10/29

LASG Albuquerque friends ltr (09/25/15)
TOMORROW! Sept. 26, 1pm -- Ukraine talk and discussion, ABQ

LASG Santa Fe friends ltr (07/14/15)
Meeting reminder for TOMORROW, Wed, July 15th

  • Los Alamos will never be clean.
  • Nuclear weapons are illegitimate, criminal, and threaten all human life.
  • LANL uniquely contributes nothing of value and should be closed.

LASG Albuquerque friends ltr (07/08/15)
Teach-in on Ukraine, Wed July 22, UNM Law School

  • U.S. has embarked on hybrid wars with Russia and China in order to retain U.S. global dominance.
  • The relatively stable post-Cold War decades are now gone, never to return. 
  • Progress on nuclear disarmament is now intimately connected with profound economic, climate, and ecological crises, with justice within and between societies, with human dignity and common survival. 

LASG Santa Fe friends ltr (07/08/15)
Meeting reminder for Wednesday, July 15

  • Tremendous strides have been made internationally toward delegitimizing and prohibiting nuclear weapons, with 112 countries – a majority of countries in the world – having pledged to support a ban treaty just this year. 

LASG Albuquerque & Santa Fe friends ltr (06/14/15)
Demonstration this coming Tuesday (Peaceful Skies), followup from SF meeting Wednesday, next SF meeting July 15

  • Jade Helm 15 may be the largest military exercise ever conducted in the US.
  • Few of us grasp the urgency and gravity of the multidimensional crisis in which we find ourselves, which threatens to irreversibly undo much of life on earth in a very short time. 
  • In New Mexico especially, most people are so beaten down, politically speaking – so used to having essentially no agency or enfranchisement – that it is difficult to imagine having real agency.
  • Many assume without really knowing it that disembodied public education has far more political value than it does.
  • Because of widely-mistaken political assumptions that were perhaps accurate at one time, and the general lack of genuine democratic experience in our communities (or "communities") of late, and other cultural and political impediments too tedious to list, we pretty much need to jump right in before all the i’s are dotted and the tees all crossed.

LASG Santa Fe friends ltr (06/08/15)
Invitation to a private planning meeting this Wednesday 6/10, 5:30 pm in Santa Fe

  • We will report to you about our internship plans and give you some outreach materials if you want them.
  • The very encouraging international developments will open more doors for us locally but only if we collectively push on those doors.  
  • Overall, the tremendous passivity and fear that permeates this state is a disability for us.
  • There is almost no radical agenda or action being promoted by any organization in New Mexico, leading to the sorry situation where various liberal and progressive reform efforts remain separate, fragmented, and ineffective.
  • We've got a new nuclear weapons (aka Manhattan Project) National Historic Park on the way. 
  • Simultaneously, the Santa Fe metro area continues to be marked for increased plutonium and nuclear waste activities.

LASG Albuquerque friends ltr (05/16/15)
Study Group mtg Wed May 20: economic implications of nuclear militarism for NM

  • As those of you know who were at the previous meeting, we are looking for potential full-time "hires," i.e. research fellows, and interns. 
  • At our last meeting we discussed "The Swamp," the complex of negative net energy and miscommunication phenomena associated with a politically demobilized, privatized (to use the word in a different way than is usual) society.
  • This past week we had an excellent meeting in Santa Fe.
  • On Wednesday we hope to discuss the economic and social implications of being a nuclear weapons state, and the economic benefits of clawing our way out of that condition.

LASG Santa Fe friends ltr (05/11/15)
Reminder: Briefing and discussion Wed May 13, 5:30 pm

  • We'd like to unveil some of our plans, ask for help in various ways -- and, mostly separate from what we can do in the Study Group without more staff, describe some fruitful and supportive organizing paths others can take.
  • We want to tell you about the steady progress on the international disarmament front these days, though that progress is like pulling (nuclear) teeth (from the mouths of the nuclear weapon states). 
  • More good news is that Scotland is now largely politically united behind a party, the Scottish National Party, that puts ridding Scotland of Trident as one of its top three political demands.
  • I have just returned from a week in Washington, meeting with high officials, congressional staff, and long-time colleagues. 
  • In one way or another, a ban on nuclear weapons is coming on strong.

LASG Albuquerque friends ltr (05/04/15)
Reminder: discussion Thurs May 7, 5:30 pm

  • Update on nuclear issues in Congress, the Administration, and NM.
  • Update on current developments in nuclear weapons diplomacy.
  • Study Group plans and hopes to expand our staff. 
  • The need for full-time or near-full-time activist-revolutionaries and how best to reach out to religious leaders and other communities in Albuquerque to create those positions.

LASG Albuquerque friends ltr (04/21/15)
No meeting this Wednesday morning! Now Thurs May 7, 5:30 pm

  • At these meetings we want to talk specifically about outreach to religious leaders and other communities about the need to cultivate and support full-time work on the core crises facing our planet.
  • Probably many or most of you saw Tim DeChristopher's letter to churches, "Lead, Don’t Follow on Climate Justice," republished at Truthout. 
  • At the Study Group, our role has evolved to deploy the most truthful power we can with the least time and money, which has led us to analysis, lobbying, writing, and sometimes international citizen diplomacy. 
  • What is essential is to get beyond the constraints of liberalism as well as the politically-correct fads of today, and to learn and gain experience, and to learn to respect reality.
  • What stands in the way, more often than not, is thinking the situation, at every level and in every way, is better than it is.

LASG Albuquerque friends ltr (03/26/15)
Get-together at Study Group HQ Wed., Apr 1, 7:30 am; breakfast!

  • The purpose of this meeting is first and foremost solidarity pure and simple, and secondarily to hear from you, take in your ideas, and thirdly provide whatever very brief political updates you may wish.
  • We have been deeply engaged in nuclear weapons issues in international circles as well as locally.
  • We are very concerned that New Mexico may have passed a point of no return as far as losing its democracy and economy. 
  • We know of no faculty at UNM who have an informed, active, critical stance on any of the existential issues we face generally, or on the issues of war and peace we face here in New Mexico. 
  • We know of no student groups working against war, or nuclear weapons.
  • We know of no churches actively working against war, or against nuclear weapons.
  • Our senior political leaders and parties are the way they are -- flagrantly promoting nuclear weapons ...
  • Right now, powerful people in DC and New Mexico believe that New Mexico wants to be a nuclear-military sandbox.

LASG Santa Fe friends ltr (03/21/15)
Thanks for coming this past Thursday; op-ed published; more

  • As expected, that 1,000 word op-ed was published ("Treat the state’s lab addiction," Albuquerque Journal, Mello, Mar 20, 2015).
  • It's an especially good time to write letters to the editor or op eds about northern New Mexico's nuclear addiction and what alternatives we might choose.
  • Both of our senators want to increase nuclear weapons spending, as does Rep. Lujan.
  • The true path of influence, however, lies in building a movement for crucial domestic priorities and against further militarization, war, and nuclear weapons.
  • It is really critical to get our "electeds" to publicly commit to these political values.
  • It's essential for citizens who wish to halt this country's rightward drift to make themselves very clear, both in language and in political commitments. 
  • The question of a ban also shines an important light on political landscape at home, stripping away layers of propaganda and clarifying the issues
  • It is the environmental community which is the main source of greenwashing for our senators, the labs, and nuclear weapons.
  • Just for "fun" here's figure 8-12 from the new Obama nuclear weapons plan released this week.

LASG Santa Fe friends ltr (03/19/15)
Reminder! Get-together at CloudCliff today, 5:30 pm

  • Senators Heinrich and Udall both support expanding Santa Fe's plutonium and nuclear waste industry.
  • We need to build a sufficient movement to block and reverse the proposed increases in military and nuclear spending. 
  • The new plutonium infrastructure proposed for LANL would be the largest public works project in NM history in constant dollars, except for the three interstate highways.

LASG Santa Fe friends ltr (03/16/15)
Get-together at CloudCliff this Thursday 3/19, 5:30 pm

  • The status of the Obama Grand Nuclear Modernization Plan. 
  • The very encouraging status of international efforts to ban the bomb and what they could mean for Santa Fe and for all of us. 
  • The latest plan for restarting plutonium warhead core ("pit") production and how you can help us defeat it. 
  • Global hybrid war and what we can collectively do to stop it. 
  • Your fundraising ideas.
  • Right now, powerful people in DC and here believe that New Mexico, and Santa Fe, want to be a plutonium-oriented place, a nuclear-military playground. 
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2014:(annual compendium)

LASG friends ltr (11/14/14)
DoD Reviews of Nuclear Weapons Operations Largely “Management Clichés,” Fail to Address Core Problems, Group Charges, press release

LASG Taos friends ltr (11/14/14)
Reminder! Discussion tonight in Taos, 6 pm, "Ban the Bomb: Why, How, and Your Role!" Pass it on!

LASG Albuquerque friends ltr (10/27/14)
Reminder: Discussion Tuesday evening (tomorrow, 10/28), 6-8 pm, UNM Law School Room 2403, 1117 Stanford Dr. NE

LASG friends ltr (10/01/14)
DOE Inspector General releases scathing report about LANL’s incompetent handling of waste, leading to WIPP shutdown, press release

LASG friends ltr (09/27/14)
Re: LANL is splitting; NNSA lab futures; meeting schedule; more

LASG friends ltr (02/09/14)
Please join us at the Prandoni family home in Santa Fe on Sunday, Feb. 23, at 4:00 pm, and more news and views

  1. Please join us at the Prandoni family home in Santa Fe on Sunday, Feb. 23, at 4:00 pm
  2. Greg to speak at Gray Panthers meeting, Albuquerque, Sat, Feb. 22nd, 1pm.
  3. Please join us the Study Group “World Headquarters” on Tuesday, Feb. 25, at 6:30 pm
  4. Simplify into Spring!  Donations are being accepted for the Study Group Spring Garage Sale, Friday February 28 through Sunday March 2.  Volunteers wanted! 
  5. Excellent 25th Anniversary Study Group mugs available! 
  6. The ignored gravity of our civilizational crisis – and the majesty of a wholehearted response.  It’s a brave new world, or no world at all.

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